Flap Wheel - 180 grit 4

Flap Wheel - 180 grit 4

Flap Wheel 3/8" x 80 grit #11-08003

  • 3/8" x 3/8"
  • Mounted Wheels
  • 1/8" shanks
  • 80 Grit

Aluminum oxide resin bonded and mounted on 1/8" shanks, these wheels are used for sanding and general clean-up of irregular or curved sections of wood, metal and fiberglass. Self conforming on any shape or surface. Ideal for hard to finish sharp corners, narrow channels, round concave or convex areas. Long lasting. Non-loading. As these flaps wear, new abrasive is constantly being exposed. Excellent alternative to wire wheel brushes, grit-impregnated nylon brushes, and fibrous wheels, all of which become less efficient with use.

Available in grits 80,120,180 and 240 for fine finishing.

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